When Shopify launched their Custom 
Website Platform
6 plus years ago... 

We were there.

When Tobi Lütke the - Founder, of Shopify - announced and said to us personally that " he wanted to thank *Sacreed Couture for being store number 10,594 using Shopify now they are at over 400,000 users and still going strong ! So a Big thanks to Tobi and his team at Shopify as we are very happy and blessed to see their 
success has now become a big part of ours.

As we only use Shopify over other Platforms. 

Why you ask ?  
For starters take a moment and read this link: To hear why so many are switching to Shopifys platform.

Or see the Shopify Comparison below.  

Along with recent websites designed using the Shopify Platform.

See new website design at www.SoulCareByCCC.com
See the new Blue Whale Sail Website at https://www.bluewhalesail.myshopify.com
See the new CruZen™Tunes  Website at https://www.cruzentunes.com
Shopify VS the Other Guys
-  Other Guys - Are missing creative functionality, 
-  Other Guys - Lack of back office capabilities, 
-  Other Guys - Inability to streamline website content and social Media ie Facebook, Instagram etc.. 
- Other Guys - Platform structure causes missed opportunities for online conversions, brand awareness and most importantly sales

-  Other Guys - Dont encourage you to call them while Shopify answers their Phone.

-  Other Guys - Non Mobile Responsiveness thus over 90% of First Time Visitors will
NOT stick around to see your website because of the lack of quick loading times
and functionality problems for your Website and Pages. 

- Other Guys -  Don't get that LifeStyle Connections and Streamlined Online Sales
 makes the difference in helping your brand grow and reach the target demographic.
Does your brand or website need to
"Disrupt the Mundane" 

-  if so contact us today.-

Thank you!
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