When Shopify launched their Custom 
Website Platform 6 plus years ago... 

We were there.  Just click here for more about our history with Shopify and why over 400,000 users are choosing Shopify's platform over all other platforms 

Now years have passed yet our strategic approach with results remains the same. Which is to design creative that is Streamlined for Web and Social media content within the Shopify platform using key messaging to tell the story of the brand. See examples below.

Or for a free proposal with various custom cost options email us at strategic0023@gmail.com
See the new Blue Whale Sail Website at https://www.bluewhalesail.com
See the new CruZen™Tunes  Website at https://www.cruzentunes.com
See new website design at www.Van-Moorsel.com 
See new website design at www.SoulCareByCCC.com
See more creative at MyPet at Peace Rebranding
Does your brand or website need to 
"Disrupt the Mundane" 
-  if so contact us today at strategic0023@gmail.com 
or call or text to 480-650-2216 to set up your free 10 minute Consultation.

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