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In 2013 CruZen started in a Garage with a Dream to create a High Quality Bluetooth and Phone Holder system to enjoy while riding your bike, going on outdoor adventure or hanging at the beach and during that time they received Custom Packaging Design from CrossRoads Branding to help them grow and since then we have lead the creative and new Business Development for them with other various opportunities and now in 2018 we are helping them launch more Products Nationwide into various Bike Shops and other Retail Stores.  

With New Recent Custom Rebranding, Marketing collateral, and Nationwide Email Marketing and new 2018 Product Catalog CruZen is set to go Nationwide and intends on being available in many Bikes shops across the country which you can see at this link which includes launching into the Fastest Growing Outdoor Bike Franchise which has now Sold over 12,000 Units as CrossRoads has been the Guide along with Directing the Brand Management and Creative for all CruZen™ Bike Accessories and products including custom Branding, Packaging Design and over seeing all Brand Strategies to take CruZen to the Masses ! 

Deliverables above and Below

- Custom Branding Logo Identity Design
- Custom Branding Logo Identity Design and 14 pg Logo Style Guide 
- Email Marketing Campaign with 3 Concepts 

All the Above + E- Mail Marketing Campaign

- Custom 25-35 pg Product Catalog
- Custom Packaging Design for Box and Rack Cards

- All the Above Premium Package
+ Custom Branding
+ 25 pg Product Catalog
+ Custom Packaging Design
+ 10-12 pg Website / see website that is much like the cost of this one

example of website with Video, + Social Media
( Rebranding and Custom Website Design increased Online Sales and Conversion over 150% in less than 2 Months of Website Launch with Onsite Branding Consultation 

We have also worked with one of the top selling Bike Brands where CruZen™ Products are sold to design custom artwork for various Locations for Custom Apparel and more.

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